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We believe in empowerment
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Benefits Of Becoming A Member

OFW Credit Cooperative caters to OFWs and OFW Family members. We have a holistic approach to our financial services. We not only provide business and other kinds of loans; we also make sure that you are equipped to manage your finances through various training programs and workshops.

Gain skills and know-how

The first thing to do when you want to chop down a tree is sharpen your axe. OFW Credit cooperative has both mandatory and elective seminars and workshops that members can avail of such as but not limited to:

  • Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Literacy Skills

Access to OFW Credit Cooperative Resources

OFW Credit Cooperative has assets and resources and amenities which members can avail of all over the world. Be it digital libraries, financial products, OFW Community Support groups all over the world, or members' lounges in more than 100 countries worldwide, as a cooperator, all of these will be available to you!

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Who Should Become A Member?


As an OFW, living and working in a foreign land, you know how it feels to be alone. Wouldn't it be nice to have a support group -- not just where you are but at home as well? That's what OFW Credit Cooperative is. We are like a support group, and we treat you like family.

Whether you are new to a place and need someone to show you around and introduce you to other OFWs and expats in the area, or maybe take care of a challenge with your family back home, we are here for you.

Former OFWs

So now you're back and ready to start living life in your home country. Great! If only you had someone who could help you get started on that dream business. Someone who makes sure that you are doing it right and that nothing goes awry. Maybe you want to make sure that the money you saved does not all go up in smoke. Maybe you need additional funding. Maybe you need a reliable business network.

OFW Credit Cooperative is all of that! We have programs that teach and guide entrepreneurs from setup to expansion. We have an honest no foreclosure policy on loans. By joining us, you are joining a group of people serious about helping themselves and others achieve goals and realize dreams.


Sometimes we find ourselves in a position that allows us to live outside of our home country indefinitely. In fact, sometimes we even become citizens of our host country. Well and good, but what about our relatives who we left behind? Also, think about the opportunity of being able to harness connections from our home country and leveraging that.

Depending on what you have in mind, OFW Credit Cooperative has products and services for you. Whether you are looking for a sustainable way of helping out your relatives back home, or thinking of doing business in both sides of the globe, we have leveraging solutions for you.


OFW Credit Cooperative has a vast pool of products and services that cater to both start-up and seasoned entrepreneurs. Whether it be financial services, training products or gaining a worldwide network of people, we have what you need to get you up and running strong.

Families of OFWs

Are you out of work or underemployed? Do you feel that you can do infinitely better either as an entrepreneur or OFW? Have you tried changing your situation but were prevented by circumstances? Then OFW Credit Cooperative can help you.

As a person related to an OFW irregardless of degree of consanguinity, you are eligible to become a member or beneficiary. We have a plathora of training and financial products for you. These products and services will enable you to gain the necessary skills to become an OFW yourself or an entrepreneur either locally or abroad -- it's all up to you!


OFW Credit Cooperative Benefits

Lifetime access to live and online trainings

Extensive video libraries

Various OFW and OFW Family Events

Access to like-minded OFWs such as yourself

Direct access to our business offices worldwide

Communication benefits for you and your loved ones

Why Our Organization Works

OFW Credit Cooperative does not solve problems symptomatically. We look at the cause of the predicament and correct it at the root.


Multi-Layered Approach to Problem Solving

Solutions to challenges are always never skin deep. OFW Credit Cooperative goes deeper than prima facie solutions by addressing all levels of a challenge -- from the social, educational and psychological causes up to the financial challenges.


Technology Leveraged Operations

To become efficient and competitive in the world market, OFW Credit Cooperative uses the latest technologies in its operations. We have a custom built dynamic website which caters to both members and non-members and a members only secure portal where you can check your transactions 24/7 365 days a year.


Solid Base Business Paradigm

Our business model is not based oh hype. We have a solid business, founded on best practices. We believe the theory of continuous improvement, that is why we are constantly on the lookout for techniques and processes that will improve our business and improve the services that we provide to our members and clients.

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